Overcoming stereotypes to follow your dreams #35

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Overcoming stereotypes to follow your dreams

Overcoming stereotypes to follow your dreams episode 35.

Tagline: “I don’t believe in giving up, there is always a way to achieve your dreams”

Overcoming stereotypes to follow your dreams is Narinders story. It is likely something many of us can relate too. Whether we have followed a similar path, or whether we wish we did! The good news is, is it not over for you and you can still change.

A lady of many talents

Narinder Hayer wants to help as many people as she can. She is a public speaker, personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach and so much more. Narinder is also someone who broke the barrier and led the way for Indian girls. In fact she has led the way for all women. She is associated to health and fitness and a regular gym goer for Sikhs and Indian ladies. The most inspiring thing is she did this during a more difficult time. When Narinder started this was not always the “normal” or accepted as a “standard” career. Her passion to break the mould and make a sustainable, comfortable lifestyle from health and fitness, is truly inspiring!

Bulletproof mindset

She is never one to shy away from her fears and continues to face all the obstacles in her way, in the only ways she knows best: With a smile and action! Narinder is someone who screams energy, enthusiasm and a raw passion for just wanting to succeed in everything she does. She shares stories of incredible transformations from a few of her relationships and discusses throughout this episode the importance of chasing your dreams.

Narinders message is simple. If you truly want to do and achieve something, you can. But it will require a good work ethic, facing your fears, and handling opposition. It will also require overcoming set backs and sometimes feeling lost. But if the goal is worthwhile and your ambition matches your execution then it is 100% achievable. Narinder is living proof of this.

Celebrity fitness trainer

Now coaching celebrities, having represented UK too on the health and fitness platform, Narinder has huge hopes for the future of health and fitness. Narinder and myself both have aims to be an inspiration to 1000s. In fact scratch that, 1,000,000s. I am sure all her clients, family and friend can be very proud. Furthermore, I am sure you will all hear the authentic enthusiasm in her message on this show.

Learning lessons

Just as Narinder states:

Never give up and keep smiling #35 by Narinder Hayer

Key talking points in this episode:

  1. Not being afraid to be different
  2. The importance of being yourself
  3. Learning to love yourself, within as this will transfer to your external world
  4. The importance of never ever giving up on your dreams
  5. Never taking no’s or set backs as final.

I sincerely hope this episode provides you genuine value. I also urge you to follow Narinders journey. Her message is sincere and passionate. If this podcast resonated with you, or if you enjoyed this, then look below. I have included all of the show notes for your ease.

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