Overcoming 7 Miscarriages [Baby Loss Awareness Week] #45

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“A drug named hope” #45 by Gurinder Mann tells her story of: Overcoming 7 Miscarriages. [Baby Loss Awareness Week]

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A story of “One womens courageous journey, through the majestic minefield we call life. From overcoming adversity to finding her voice & discovering her true calling. Gurinder now shows us that absolutely anything is possible when we live in hope & let our soul lead the way..”

Gurinder Mann shares her incredibly inspiring, emotive, raw and honest story on Find Your Voice this week. It should be noted the 9th October 2019 – 15th October 2019 is also Baby Loss Awareness week. So for that we have uploaded this special episode.

This episode features a woman, who shares her struggle of giving birth to a child and the adversity she had to overcome in experiencing 7 miscarriages. This was the first time I ever struggled to get my words out. After listening to a story I felt deep sorrow at the pain Gurinder and her husband felt through their journey. I also felt my heart melt at the children who never saw daylight.

Lessons in the suffering

As in true Find Your Voice style though, the lessons are in the journey and in the final results. This has a happy ending but it will teach us so so much if we allow it too. A truly inspiring lady, who has touched my heart, and I am sure will touch 1,000,000s of yours too.

For baby loss awareness week, if you have the chance to share this episode & the podcast to friends, families & peers we would truly appreciate it.

I sincerely hope you found this podcast useful. I also urge you to follow Gurinder’s journey & check out his wonderful podcast.

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Have an awesome day & Find Your Voice

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