From Living with a Disability to Competing in the Paralympics, James Roberts share his story

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“Adapt #53 by James Roberts

Tagline: “At times I wanted to be anything but disabled”

James Roberts is the host of the Mindset Athlete Podcast, a speaker, a coach and also a Paralympian who has represented his country in 2008/2012.

In this particular episode I wanted to extract the mindset of someone who has operated at the top level. I wanted to see how easy it was, or difficult to transfer the lessons of being a top athlete into other aspects and arenas in your life. I wanted to also delve into James mindset and extract his doubts, fears and see how we could dehumanise him, in the most respectful way to show us, as non-elite athletes that we too could achieve anything we truly want.

This was a fascinating discussion as James shared some of his major vulnerabilities about 75% through the show but also spoke about how he grew up as a teenager, wanting to be anything but disabled. This made my heart sink, hearing those words. Yet disciplined, consistent and persistence in his pursuit of being more and doing more James continued to achieve his dreams.

I enjoyed everything he stood for. From playing the long game, to his approach towards fat loss. His ethical, sustainable approach to helping people lose weight mirrors that of which I have taught for 8+ years. He is someone who has fought battles not just in the arena, but also within his own mind, conquering them to great success.

Some key topics discussed:

[07:00] Viewing competition as a positive

[10:00] Fad diets & Fat loss

[18:15] Questioning one’s identity

[28:50] Failure is not bad

[35:08] James vulnerability of not working enough

[44:05] The importance of playing the long game

I urge you all to follow his amazing journey, share this episode with anyone you think it will help and go out there and Find Your Voice.

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