From Domestic Violence & Homelessness to Mrs Germany World Sandahl Taylor Finds Her Voice

“Simply Sandahl” #51 by Sandahl Taylor

Tagline: “Be a pineapple, stand tall wear a crown and be sweet on the inside”

An inspiring story of a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence, homelessness and seen those close to her suffer major health conditions Her vision now, is to inspire and empower people to find their voice. Through finding her own voice and being able to transfer her message via pageantry, for married women, Sandahl hopes that her message will encourage people to realise their own beauty inside and out.

A huge advocate for living with kindness and having the gift of her voice and platform she is now pursuing her vision to become Miss World. Already racking up accolades like: Mrs World Germany 2020, Mrs Pennsylvania 2018 and now doing public speaking, I am confident you will see the beauty within Sandahl’s story, herself and that of which she shines towards others around her.

Some key timestamps:

[03:55] Advocating for those who have no voice

[10:10] Tips to control your own life

[16:10] Camel back adventures

[28:35] Embrace your struggle

[34:35] Sandahls message to the listeners

I urge you all to follow her amazing journey, share this episode with anyone you think it will help and go out there and Find Your Voice.

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