Overcoming adversity

overcoming adversity find your voice aren deu

Overcoming adversity is becoming my speciality. The Nightmare is Over & the Darkness dissipates, for now… Our moments of happiness & adversities come and go like seasons. Yet they attend and cycle back around much more frequently. And in the midst of adversity, trauma, hardship or just a bloody shit week, we often find ourselves …

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You need to Focus. You need to cut Out The Noise or Say Bye to Your Goals Sounds like common sense right? If you aren’t achieving your goals, it is likely your fault. In fact scratch the likely, it is your fault 100%. Now if you are still using the thought process, I refer to …

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Finding Power in Empathy #65

Power in empathy find your voice aren deu ally salama

“Change 1 world every single day” by Ally Salama There is huge Power in empathy as Ally Salama states. Ally is a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Ex Pro Athlete shares. Recently he has also becoe a mental health ambassador. His work has stemmed from suffering with clinical depression himself. Something he openly admits to never …

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Addressing Suicide Prevention & Mental Health with YouTake10 founder Chelsea #61

“Kindness matters, matched with uncomfortability” by Chelsea Von #61 The journey of finding one’s individual purpose is crucial for us all to really understand what we are meant to do in this very short space of time on this Earth. For Chelsea, this came through seeing her parents battle with mental health, bipolar disorder and …

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