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The ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’. Penny Power OBE shares all #20

penny power

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Tagline: “Love is the most powerful force in the world. The more you can live within that energy, be that energy and give that energy the better your life will be” – Penny Power

Penny Power, OBE is an incredible woman who could complete a podcast series alone. Known as the ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’ Penny formed the first social network for business owners. This venture went on to exceed 650,000 members. Wow!

From OBE to adversity

Penny Power got one of the highest honours people can get today. She was awarded an OBE by the queen for her incredible work. It was definitely a highlight of her amazing career.

However, as many entrepreneurs can relate, she was then forced to handle many ups and downs. Penny’s  journey and forced to really look deep within herself. Through a journey of self care and discovery Penny began to deal with depression. Furthermore, she had to dig deep and really find her true purpose. In this she found and love for herself.

A journey she may even consider tougher than the entrepreneurial one. Penny is not afraid of showing her vulnerabilities. It is in her weaknesses she was able to gain and build strength.

What is really important though?

But more important to her Penny than her business is family. Penny is an extremely proud mother to 3 and wife to her husband. These 4 people are what she considers her greatest gift. Penny now coaches people on a 1-2-1 basis transforming their lives. She is also now living out her true purpose.

Mental fitness

From depression, to business to self care, Penny has had to adapt. She is now also coaching people having gone through a remarkable journey of growth. All of these I am sure we can all relate too today.

Through her experience however she spoke about Mental Fitness. Mental fitness, as Penny calls it is incredibly important. This is part of the episode that I have truly taken on board today. I won’t ruin it for you hear, but you know I love fitness and support mental health, so really urge your check it out. Furthermore, I hope you all use this episode to go out there and find your voice!

Please check the links below and follow Penny’s journey. She is 100% credible, honest and an overall lovely soul. Furthermore, she has also released an incredible book called Business is personal. I instantly purchased this after the interview myself and you can buy it here.

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