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There is a reason, I always tell every single person I meet about Podcasts. This blog will explain, in my opinion, why you should start a podcast. But before I begin for anyone who has been living under a rock and not heard the famous “Find Your Voice” podcast or know what a podcast is, here is good old wikipedias definition:

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download to listen.

Now there are also: 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes according to Music Morph. So that shows the growth of podcasts and that they do have a place! So let’s get down to persuading you to Find Your Voice and start your own podcast:

An excuse to meet amazing people

why you should start a podcast aren deu find your voice

You will meet the most incredible people, ever! Now I am truly humbled and so grateful for all the guests I have been able to interview on the show. 5-10% of them, I already knew but the rest have been new entries into my life. My network has expanded with incredible minded individuals. What is more special, is that my show is about self-help, motivation, inspiration and service. So these are the traits many of my guests display.

As a result of that I genuinely find myself connecting and maintaining positive relationships with all of my guests. I also feel I get the bonus of learning from people who have had incredible life experiences and learn a whole new perspective to further enhance my own growth and development.

Access to the whole world

Podcasting can be done with an internet connection, so it allows you to connect with people from all over the world. I have been fortuante to have interviewed people from America, Australia, Ireland, India and Germany. I am sure I have missed some nationalties of too but what a beautiful way to learn from people all across the world. To hear and understand perspectives and delve into the minds of people who have had a completely different life. I absolutely love that! Plus can you imagine paying for travel to go to all these destinations for a 60 minute interiview? Thank you Wi-fi!

Learning at a quicker rate

Now this obviously depends on what you podcast is about. But linking on from the 1st point, sometimes I have had fascinating discussions with people who have given me a masterclass into their fields. I have learnt about:

  • Controlling anger
  • Overcoming fear
  • Handling adversity
  • Meditation
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Power of affirmations
  • Gratitude

& so much more.

why you should start a podcast aren deu find your voice

Improves your communication skills

I am about 40+ podcasts in now, and I have already seen a transition and improvement in my delivery. This is all part of the process. The errs and urmss I usually say have decreased with each episode. My ability to listen improves with each episode. My flow of conversation, generally moves better too. All of these are things I could never just read about and implement. I had to dive into the podcasting field and truly find my own style and find my own voice.

You will definitely, learn to become a better listener if you put that at the front of your thought process. Furthermore, you will also learn how to get your own message across over time too.

Increases personal brand awareness

It has definitely further helped increase my personal brand. Yes I have done well from a personal brand perspective in my property career, through raising over £1,000,000 of investor finance. But if I am completely honest, I’d rather be remembered for my positive impact on society through my podcast, or work alongside it. So for that reason, when I am able to speak about this show and how it has helped 1,000s of listeners, that truly makes leaves me feeling fulfilled.

why you should start a podcast aren deu find your voice How to start a podcast find your voice by aren deu

2 birds, 1 stone

As we continue to get “busy” and try to time collapse almost everything, podcasting allows people to consume your message whilst they cook, clean, commute, workout or do something that doesn’t need them to use their ears. I have always listened to my audiobooks and podcasts during long commutes to work, cardio sessions and just idle time at home when I am lounging about. This makes it a perfect medium for people to absorb content without putting everything else on hold.


This was an unusual one. But over time these messages became more and more apparent. People would often message me and use those exact words: “Trust”. I would be offered opportunities, or funding because people trusted me off the back of my messages, my truth, my stories and my work. This was humbling, despite me knowing little about these people. It is difficult to truly know someones intent, as some people are brilliant actors. But for those who have seen my flaws, and followed my journey for 10+ years on social media it is easy for them to trust me and my recommendations.

So for anyone who maybe wants to promote their own business, their own brand, or service simply getting into peoples minds, ears and thought processes can increase your chances of converting sales, memberships or whatever it is you require. For me, I don’t require anything from people for my podcast. I do it to help without expecting anything back, so it makes my life easier. But I am certain that if I wanted to launch a product, or service in the future I could certainly utilise my platform.

“Be mindful though!”

Just be mindful though, this does not be a disingenuous attempt at luring people in under false pretences. Intent and authenticity are everything. If you are trying to manipulate your audience, you will fall flat on your face in the future. Have some integrity about how you operate and ensure that you do not take for granted any support you receive.

Content, content & content

1 Podcast episode alone can produce tons of content. You can pick out, quotes, text, nuggets of information, final thought moment and so much more. If you video record the episodes, you have content for IGTV, YouTube or Facebook. If you transcribe it, you have potential content for ebooks, or actual books. The possibilities are actually endless. I am eager to go back to all my episodes in the near future and blog about the lessons I have learnt from each guest and their story. There is so much wisdom and knowledge across all the guests that it will massively enhance my own thinking once more to recap on it, but hopefully also help you all too.

Affordable and easy to start

This is one for my other 2 blogs, but both starting and setting up a podcast is affordable and easy to start. It can be done almost anywhere, within weeks!

How to start a podcast blog <—

What equipment do I need to start a podcast <—


You can gain sponsors as your show grows in popularity or impact. As your podcast brand increases people or organisations can support your movement via sponsorship deals, discounts or advertising. The possibilities here are endless. Now I wouldn’t advocate people go into podcasting to earn money, but I would definitely remind everyone that money can 100% be made. Whether it is directly via sponsorships or whether the right person has heard the episode and contacted you privately to help your ventures. Either way, exposure is key here and one of the best formats to gain exposure is via voice.

Guest on other shows

I have more recently, been invited to be a guest on other peoples shows. This is a great opportunity to expand your own reach and awareness to other peoples audiences. Remember everyone has their own audiences, supporters or fans. If you can make an impact or be remembered on their show, you may gain more listeners or subscribers for your own show!

Collaborations are absolutely key when you are a podcaster, and although it is only something I have thought about doing recently the results I am sure will be incredible.

So hopefully this blog gives you a few reasons on why I truly believe you should start to Podcast, today!

If you haven’t heard the Find Your Voice Podcast be sure to subscribe and listen to some incredible episodes and stories. Also, if this blog does help you find your own voice and start a podcast, let us know. It would be great to help support you along the movement and maybe even collab at a future date.

Have an awesome day!

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