An Introverts Mindset by Cynthia Thurlow #49

An Introverts Mindset by Cynthia Thurlow #49

An Introverts Mindset and the “Truth Seeker” by Cynthia Thurlow #49

Tagline: “She endeavoured to educate, inspire & empower a generation”

Cynthia Thurlow, is a lady of many talents. Having surpassed 4,000,000 views for her TedX talk on Intermittent fasting, it is fair to say she has had an educational, impact already! But eager to ensure her legacy lives on she continues to try to educate people in her topics of interest.

She is a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, and a 2 time TEDx speaker. She also has a passion for helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition & solving health problems from the inside out. She is also a wife and mother to her boys, and has great knowledge, which we discuss on this episode, around neuroplasticity and mindset.

Some key topics moments in the episode:

[03:20] The importance of scary dreams

[11:15] Imposter syndrome

[18:55] Life changing health scare

[28:00] Fear of not being/doing enough

[38:50] Social media is an illusion

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An Introverts Mindset

Pippa Transcript (may not be 100% accurate):

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is are in and as always I am the host of the show so today I bring you a fantastic episode from an incredible pace and somebody who actually some of you may already know so today I have simply if they’re low on the show and what was fascinating about since there is that she has so many facets in so many areas of expertise in a career that it was almost a challenge just to try to find one that we could really speak about in this episode but conscious of trying to give you guys the most value I found out I needed to focus more on the hold if pasta syndrome the ad Festina mindset so aside because obviously that’s what we’re we’re trying to achieve in our own allies we’re all trying to obviously overcome our obstacles were trying to limit our excuse ME just try to grow a little bit every single day so she is a nurse practitioner she’s a ten X. speaker with over four million views let me just repeat that four million views she’s an expert in intermittent fasting something the are you do you as well and she’s also gotten every day well despite cast so I think even absolutely love this episode I truly had an incredible time having that conversation he said there where I let so much we just I thought those great synergy she actually used up her to his self at the end because it was so easy to speak to her at the same time she was doing stuff that I could really resonate with the hope you guys are hold to resonate with some of the stuff as well because we all experience limiting beliefs your experience imposter syndrome and it’s just nice to know that somebody who’s out then I make it a success in an arena maybe she didn’t think she could do being an introvert it’s it’s exciting and it’s inspiring so without further ado let’s get this interview on the way so firstly I just like to welcome Cynthia how you doing today I’m doing great thank you so much for having me on you’re very welcome thank you for coming on so obviously you are a woman of many talents such in you’ve got quite a few diverse range of topics Bob the conscious of the list as a one obviously given the most value possible well we have you on the show so if you wouldn’t mind since if you could just kind of give us a summary about yourself and then what I want to do is if you wouldn’t mind telling us how you got into speaking about neuro plasticity and your thought someone says well please (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) shores so I am obviously I live in the United States if you can already tell my accent (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I’m a nurse practitioner and I’m also an entrepreneur but I think my most important titles are mom and wife I had two boys that are at the teen and tween so my life is (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) dealing with crotchety stinky children right now who are now as tall as me which always makes things interesting but I got into the speaking because I even though people are surprised to hear that I’ve done a lot of media work but I am not a classic introvert and I I believe in having big scary dreams for yourself and so last year I decided that the scariest thing I could think of it was within a safe you know reasonable kind of (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) perspective was to do a Ted talk and so I endeavor to do that and but a lot of applications and all those applications yelled at me three talks one of which I turned down and so that kind of got that the public speaking piece really rolling and has been you know obviously incredibly grateful and you know it’s all laying on those limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves so I can’t do that you can absolutely do you can be a total badass (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) but that’s how the the the pa speaking he is really kind of started I’d done it quite a bit of that as a nurse practitioner but on a smaller scale and I just wanted an opportunity to kind of reach a larger audience I think (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) having the ability to connect with the public is really incredibly (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) can be a prank credibly inspiring for the people that are listening obviously your listeners understand that listening tear gas that come on in and your discussions with them but I think the power of words the power of communication is undeniable and so I recognize pretty quickly that I’d rather I’d rather be speaking to a larger audience and smaller one it’s really interesting so first I just wanna say congratulations on your Ted talk so I have watched one and it was incredible it was about one of the topics that all I find interesting such back into making fasting if anyone is interested on that and it did actually go viral think it’s not three or four million views and is really well articulated as well so that was obviously fantastic what I’m interested now than is just hearing what you said that the internet site some find your voice kinda stemmed from me suffered with anxiety and not having this conversation eight months ago would never have happened because I just wanna be able to handle it I’ll just be too nervous to be too shy yet here I am not having an open conversation with yourself and one one of the things I found as an entry that was all I kind of gain most of my supposed energy by myself or in deep meaningful conversations as opposed to actually being on stage how did that transition take place was not literally just yourself kind of going through affirmations or the power of words as you mention I mean how did you translate that because I’m sure this internet site they who are probably thinking you know I really wish I could do a Ted talk or maybe just speak out way cool maybe in a school or something yeah I mean I I think part of it is the way that my brain works I always like to challenge myself an intellectual doing things that are intellectually challenging for me and it and if you were to meet me you would probably be surprised to hear that I am an introvert I always say I’m an introvert and extrovert I’m extroverted what I need to be but I’m generally someone that likes the quiet and peace of my house and you know not being the center of attention so I decided that I really needed to push myself that I’ve been an entrepreneur and and (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) you know I had you know great success of what I was doing that that the next frontier if I really wanted to make a larger impact was to have a platform with which to stand on and and you know I’m active on social media but that to me isn’t the same and so having to commit something to memory have personal having to find an idea we’re sharing she made it to memory because it really does have to become part of you and being able to liver effectively to me has been one of the most growth all things I’ve ever done as an adult but I’m also the kind of person like I like to take calculated breasts and so throughout my lifetime I’ve not down what people expected of me and so I’ve always I always say that I always take a sharp left turn in my life that you know had I done things the way that my parents expected me to do them or the way that society expected me to do them I wouldn’t be who I am so inside there’s a little bit of a teeny tiny rebel and so at that that’s part of that’s part of that whole perspective but but I do get it back to your original question I do think for me there is (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I I do quite a bit of of mindful attention and work and SO limiting beliefs or something that I really work hard at and I think all of us I don’t care how confident individual someone is or is not we all have them and so I kept saying to myself my thoughts become my actions and so that concept of neuroplasticity were your thoughts actually can structurally change your brain and your brain patterns I kept telling myself I envision myself I mean I would literally I’m just a visual work I envision myself standing on the stage and knocking out of park so the first one I did I said to myself I want to be there it was a smaller Ted talk I want to be the best speaker there and I could see myself doing it I just needed to actualize that (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and same thing with the the second talk about largely because it came after you know having a health crisis so I think there there’s a lot to say about positivity minds at work I dispelling limiting beliefs really intrinsically believing in who you are all of us have gifts to share every single one of us and it’s it’s figuring out what your gift is to share with the world and and for me I I recognize what my gift is and I think it’s really important that we as individuals are into creating opportunities to stretch and grow like I always say it and I said my children to a private tired hearing and I’m like you don’t grow unless you push yourself you don’t grow unless you challenge yourself you don’t grow unless you feel uncomfortable like you have to be on you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable I mean we’re not meant to be static individuals we really aren’t so absolutely yeah that’s fascinating and as he was saying that was kind of not in my head because I have this rebel thing in myself as well so I have literally kind of going against the grain in pretty much older situations and it’s just because I know deep within myself I want to have a larger impact and I’m the one doing the podcast why do a lot of stuff but doing this stuff really does frighten me and it does kind of challenge me so all over I had a you tube channel is a very quick example and people would see that and instantly assume I was confident but what they didn’t see was that for three minute video it would take me the best part of four I was two hundred G. sync get rolling and really kind of just be happy with sending that so I love the way you explained and I love the the knowledge of we need to challenge ourselves because like you said everyone has a gift and everyone has a story to share which is basically what find your voice is about and it was just nice that the most growth with thing you did as an idol is probably what most people wouldn’t expect is to literally have delivered and she just always so that’s really fascinating and I think your site the knot on the head with a limited release as well that it is something that I think we all kind of struggle with so is your best and I’m just doing this just for anyone listening is it literally just kind of re effeminate day in day out is that how you did it you did it so you said what those become my actions I want to be the best he could have been you visualize that is a daily practice that you do is that part of your routine largely yeah I mean largely I I think so so the challenge with the first talk was that I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare and it occurred right around the holidays so here in the United States between Halloween and like new year’s eve so late October two beginning in January is just crazy with kids and so for me to have to you know buckle down and run a business and try to you know not only right I try to talk but executed and committed to memory I drove my husband crazy a merry tune engineer and I need and I made him sit down with me go over over and over and over again I mean I thought about it you shall I thought about it I was sleeping I recorded it in my car I mean I drove my entire family crazy listening to it but I wanted to be really well prepared and so for me part of the process was saying I know that if I put in this after I will execute it you know it in a degree that I want to the thing that’s interesting and I think it’s worth sharing with their listers of that you know we all have imposter syndrome I don’t care who you are where you are in your life we all have imposter syndrome and so when I got to Toronto which is where I did my first one I we had practice the day before and I was like the last one to arrive I think I was one of the very few that didn’t live in Toronto and so you know I was already like flustered because I did get through customs and get in a cab and guess what Asian and I get there and on the last one arrives on the last one to go and I totally choked and the organizer didn’t like me very much I’m not sure why I think I triggered some things are that’s a whole separate topic and so you know she was really hard on me and I remember I went home I went back to my my hotel and a member I talked to my mom and I talk to my husband and like one girlfriend and I realize that no one was going to get me out of this that I had to buckle down get you know that the inner beauty shitty committee needed to to leaves that I that I was completely capable of executing this talk I just needed to totally focus and so I spent the next you know like eighteen hours before I got on stage to just be in the right zone you know I I di didn’t watch TV that night I had a nice dinner I I think I watch something on Netflix like off my I pad and I was like I just want everything I wanna be super relaxed I want to be in my zone I’m gonna get a good night’s sleep and so once I got up on the stage I was fine but I remember it like those those feelings of like this is either going to be fantastic or (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) it’s really bomb and who wants to have that opportunity and behind it so I was like there’s only one option there’s only one option at this point so I got up there and I rocked it but it’s the power of those beliefs and and me just hand telling myself there are no other options when the option is you’re going to succeed so that was you know it’s not all that minds at work or I got up on stage it makes me gag that’s fantastic you absolutely did rocket because like I said I’ve sent it it was fantastic and one thing I like about dot and say this to the would you respect by the way is when you mention the choking because it kind of de humanizes yourself in terms of when you watched on Ted talks people are gonna think on this is somebody who’s like a fish in will ask and you know the yellow it does look like a professional speaker but I’m very glad that you just said that because I’ve won awards at post most of the people of a question my anxiety for example but what they haven’t seen is that the first five speeches before the I didn’t even say wait I just today got really embarrassed ended up sweating and who can often right but it was only when I really spoke more truth and just what you said again using your was is I put the effort and preparation I’m not quite a did a similar thing so always sympathizing for your husband and I had a vision of a of a they’re having to listen to you because I did the same thing to my wife and I think for anyone maybe listening today some and I definitely engine to go and look at your Ted talks is to know that sometimes if you’re faithful may be in the first instance of doing something definite outside of your comfort zone is just prepare that’s probably one of the best tips I recommend and you’ve not shied away from that you know trying to pretend to be more than you are if that makes sense so ridiculous you for sharing that thank you now you’re welcome and and if that makes any better for anyone that’s listening my second talk with even harder execute because I I had not of my health had kind of been an issue right before then but was part of my recovery and I was like I’m gonna do this talk it’s gonna happen yeah somebody get up there so yeah I mean so it just goes to show you that the power of mines that it takes precedence over everything else like if you can just get out of your head and you can just envision what direction you want to go and it’ll happen and it really does absolutely I’m just hold for actually for the second (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) because that’s going to be I want to speak to you about because that’s fascinating is always about you incredible thing but while we’re here and I was just speaking about mindset and getting out of our own head what’s your daily routine like because I’m always interested in looking a successful people and what I want to try and do is give the listeners tangible take ways that maybe they could implement in their lives because I’m aware that were with different you would have different things that inspire more of a S. so hopefully maybe one thing maybe or the things that you do on a daily basis somebody could implement to really trying to improve their life yeah I mean for me I I would say the most important thing I do every day as I get up before anyone else in my house so the time that I have is mine (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and and that’s really critical so (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I always try to spend at least five to ten minutes practicing gratitude I mean it is a true practice and some days it may just be I’m writing down three things Sundays it’s it’s more deliberate and it’s longer and that’s how I start my day I mean I try to be very deliberate right now we know we’re heading into fall so it’s making a little harder because the sun’s coming out later but I try to get some exposure first thing in the morning it’s really important to reside there circadian rhythm you know tells our bodies it’s time to get up I think the most critical thing for me that I do every morning as I exercise and you know some days it’s hit training some days it’s lifting weights some days it’s you know doing core work but that for me just sets the tone for the rest of the day you know it reduces my stress levels makes me feel good you know physically emotionally and then I usually role in my day which usually means walking dogs getting kids to school (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I do try to take thirty minutes once the kids are on the bus to do thirty minutes a professional development reading now I know that sounds silly and when I first started as an entrepreneur I was like he was thirty minutes for that that’s ridiculous but the more invested myself as an individual the more I had to give to others and so it depends (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) some days it’s a nerdy science kind of book and then some days it’s a mindset book it really depends on my mood and I I at any given time I probably have five or six books in heavy rotation which embarrasses my family there four five books like everywhere you go and I still like to hold on to books I will listen their audible if it’s a book I’m not going to read again like if it’s a book for pleasure that’s a great opportunity but otherwise I like to have a high later or can I mean I selling a gigantic dork but I just I sometimes like to go back and reference things that I’ve read so I will re read books and that’s typically are so my day and I also ice out so I don’t worry about having to get a meal and I’ll just drink lots of water or a drink green tea I’m not a coffee drinker and that’s typically how I start my day and and it’s a good day if I can get all those things then and I’m I typically don’t start my work day on and always behind the scenes but I don’t start my day until eleven which I found allows me to get administrative task and and things of my team addressed before I start you know doing my my professional role so I see love that so there’s a lot of self love and a lot of self care then you said a brilliant line there which is you invest more yourself so then you have more to give to other people and I think that’s really really important it’s like the analogy when you for your own corporate so you can fill in the people’s Cup so that’s definitely amazing and he was saying or that it almost felt like we will get into was the end of the day and then you mentioned that site eleven o’clock so it’s fast and what we actually can get done if you could find that here is and I do find myself if you can just wake up just before the noise and all the emails and all the notifications document enough always that’s really where we can get some just deep in the deep worked on (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) we can really start to work on a cell cell at dusk brilliant and this deficit good take ways that I urge people to have a look into so what we’re gonna do then is Segway backwards into your second speech at Ted Turner when you said it was a bit more difficult and I know how to read your biography about this trouble so if you could maybe tell the list is about that story about what was actually happening and more importantly the lessons that you took away from it yeah so (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) it obviously I did I mention I’m a nurse practitioner my whole background city or medicine and cardiology so I’ve taken care of very sick people throughout my my professional career but nothing prepares you until you yourself are faced with a health crisis so the backstory as the US I had gone on vacation with my husband first time we’ve been married sixteen years for some I was able to go on a business trip with them because my mother finally retired so she can watch the kids and so we went to Hawaii and came back from Hawaii and within forty eight hours I was in the emergency room essentially fighting for my life I you know how to an evening where I had terrible nausea and vomiting and I assumed I picked up a blog on just came back from vacation I make sense and then the next day I developed probably the worst of domino pain I’ve ever experienced person labor so if there’s anything else listing you understand what that feels like and so (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I learned even when I was in the emergency room that my appendix ruptured and the entire length of my colon was inflamed and so the surgeon came in very late at night inside I want to take your surgery but I can’t are your two sec our in our septic I was you know really really second so they admitted me the hospital and I spent thirteen days in the hospital with every kind of complication despite being super healthy every complication you can imagine and about five days into my hospitalization I don’t think I’ve ever been clinically to but I do recall I was by myself you know known was with me and it was a snowy day was February so here in Washington DC we sometimes gets now and I was feeling really despondent I was like I’ve done everything right my entire life of my health the way I eats the way I live my life how can I be the sect because they kept saying we can’t figure out why you’re so second doesn’t make any sense and so I was feeling very very Prosperi despondent and I remember whether you believe in the existence of god the Holy Spirit or the universe I was given a choice and the choice was you can choose to live you have to surrender and it wasn’t a physical surrender because I was already there you can also like lying in a hospital bed sick a stink but the emotional spiritual surrender and once I accepted that and really accepted it not just peace mailing I okay I’m really doing this really accepted at then I was at peace and I was it is and I said I will stay here as long as I need to be here I just want to get on my family my children are too young to add not a mom and in my mind intellectually because I’m I’m very cerebral I was like I want to deliver this talk which when I told my husband that he thought I was crazy and the whole I left the hospital I’d missed every deadline for this next Ted talk is that in the next talk I did was in Greenville South Carolina which was completely into this as the people were amazing and so supportive and I you know I had my team send them an email explaining what was going on and (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I said I still want to do the talking and they weren’t really sure that I was going to be able to do the talk and I sure the my was and so I left the hospital on March second and had a meeting with them the following week they wanted to see me on video to make sure I was actually alive and so I said this was part of my recovery doing this talk I feel like intrinsically I not to do is talk and they were like okay we’re going to we’re going to which is what we want to be compromised and so you know I went home with ID’s an antibiotic I mean I was I to drain and that was straight I to drain into my (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) my abdomen and so the joke was every week I do go back to the hospital and they would they would decide whether or not the drink could be pulled and you know where that you know it’s like every week I go back there like nope you still have a official which is a tunnel where it doesn’t belong in five days before my Ted talking I walked into the hospital is like the third or fourth time I got back and I said okay we need a plan B. because I’m not doing this talk with the strain in or if I have to do it we’re gonna to camouflage it and so we were going back and forth and and they said Sunday you’re not gonna believe this week employer drain and I was like that’s my sign I needed and to happen so I went to Greenville South Carolina with a ruptured appendix no pain did my talk and you know when I look at when I did my first verses my second I mean I look very different (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and largely I lost so much weight I lost fifteen pounds the house was always a healthy weight but I lost fifteen pounds which when you’re tiny as a lot (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) but I was scared when I did not talk I mean I the speaker quality at the second talk was pretty phenomenal and I had the same experience you know my son came with me my youngest wanted to come with me so I took him and the day before they do practice and what I do I get up on stage bigger stage bigger venue five hundred you know five hundred seating and this kind of (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) stadium seating and I totally choked mmhm my coach was majors like you’re going to be fine you know you’re talking gonna be fine over that whole day I’d spend the day with that with my son at this do and did all the things that distract myself was the best thing I could have ever done is bring him with me and the next day I got on stage they were very thoughtful they you know they let me go third because they were concerned they didn’t want me to get tired towards the end of the day got up on stage totally rocked at Scott on Wednesdays I was like well what a blessing I was so happy done it was an incredible experience to the point being I will that to happen that I would be able to execute that talk despite not feeling a hundred percent I was still not (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I was still not a hundred percent never knowing what was going to come after that you know to mean that the goal was to get there and execute a really good talk that would be (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) helpful and firing that was the goal my goal was never for it to go crazy viral that was yeah the needle in a haystack people do Ted talks for that purpose that was never my purpose on but I I a can now see the value in I know the universe kind of makes you give a little to get a little and so that largely then you know that practice of gratitude not that I wasn’t doing it before but (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) boy is a bigger now absolutely yeah I I don’t think life is I don’t think they’re any coincidences in life and I I think that this was meant to happen at the time it happened and to prepare me for what was to come so silly hello I love that thought processes perspective that you’ve got there first I’m I’m glad you much better now as well obviously we spoke to to show so yeah absolutely and long may not continue but I am as you were saying that I was like this lady just willing herself to let you do and then used those exact words that you kind of we’ll just have to make that happen because your your purpose almost there was just to inspire people to deliver it to the best of your ability (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and I absolutely love that I think maybe came before you never know the answer but I think having that sort of focus and that kind of gold maybe help to recovery as well yes hostesses well because yeah and I think that something really important we should or trying to be wary of because sometimes we just go aimlessly through life and we don’t have the papers us when we do become almost despondent or depressed and also yes fantastic and other both on you cheap they are they are and so with the first one was in Toronto and then the cycle was obviously and in Greenville (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I mean I could not have had two completely different experiences I mean all the speakers I interacted with were amazing (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) but I I do want to say that the people in Greenville South Carolina and I was born in South Carolina that’s what made it kind of significant to be there they were wonderful I mean it was an amazing experience so that’s incredible and just as you were saying that so just opened one more prizes and it just clicked on and the one that I watched it was twelve minutes forty forty was actually green bow one so I have no idea and look into that that you would go into so much that’s more testament to yourself well don’t don’t ever look at the comments because my my team looks at them but I think after the first day my husband was like yeah I don’t read those anymore well it’s just you know I I think it’s anywhere on social media that people feel the power behind their computer and they’ll say things they would never say to your face and so I I read through the ones that I was like oh my god that’s horrible so just don’t ever read those yeah absolutely (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I I that’s a conversation for today but I don’t think I mean I have just enough energy to kind of get myself through the day and try and help other people where these people find energy to bring other people down and you just you almost have to sympathize for him because I always had to find their own demons and they had to slam carry on but I think it’s fantastic anyway I have a a little (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) hi you know I I think of most of those people that they are middle aged adults to live in there yeah and probably are are chronically addicted to things they shouldn’t be addicted to and and so they fail the power behind their computer but yeah I I I agree with you I mean I wish that I wish anyone well the decides to be that venomous but you know life is short and it’s like I you just they need a hobby I think if they had a hobby they would be so nasty and (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) you know that there’s there’s no there’s no because there’s no critical why we say like I am the kind of person I take constructive criticism to heart I really do if it’s a constructive comment I appreciate that if it’s nasty I don’t even want it doesn’t even register with me I’m like I just completely ignore it sounds not city I think that’s the best way to do it moving on from these people could because they positive today okay so you’ve got fascinated story you you’ve done a lot and you kind of adopted your lifestyle to really try to me yourself forward and I love that thing about you were you always twenty challenge yourself and we try to be more to do more and give more I suppose at the end of it so in this precise moment then what’s your biggest fear (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) today moon right now (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I just joined a very big mastermind and I you know the imposter syndrome stuff is starting again (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and it’s a very large investment of my time and and financially and so I think my greatest fear is you know we have our first big retreats coming up and I want to be able to I want to be able to contribute so I think my greatest fear is will I be able to contribute to this very valuable opportunity that I was invited to partake and I think that’s my greatest fear now I know myself well enough to know that between now and then I’ll be in the right mindset yeah I’ll be in a line then you know I’ll be manifesting up the Wazoo but you know between now and then it’s like that that little let you know that little bit of self doubt we’ll start to kind of creep up and so I just try to squash it and I very actively someone else me this the other day I very actively on engage in things that permit me the opportunity to work on my inside as much as I do all my outside so I think it’s really critical that people understand that I have the same like in securities and self doubt that that anyone has I just very actively work on those as much as I can because I know that I won’t be capable of offering my gifts if I’m stuck in my head worrying about stupid stuff so I always remind myself like in order to really elevate my purpose and elevate my contributions I need to I need to work on that stuff so I always and always actively working like you guys (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) as much as the outside so I’ll see you love the on site and (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) acknowledge honesty for that because you let you let the perfect guests will find your voice because I don’t want people to you Hey these people that come on the show and think always okay for them always all right for them and be your have the same anxieties we have the same levels of name the same gives a soft up what you do days actively with condom and that’s what it’s about it’s about executing I don’t want this part because just to be kind of like a feel good podcast I wanted to let you be okay we now got steps we’ve now got tangible takeaways destroying implement something less really trying change alive so absent absolutely and I think my lesson this year what is that yeah maybe I will appear to be tapped long like before meaning I appear to be a little too perfect on the outside everything looked perfect (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) my light amber Frey in my life and yet this year sure people that I really am and fallible and I can get sick just like everybody else and so I would say like my my greatest trauma I’ve ever experienced I think it’s been my greatest blessing and that’s that’s the way that you know when we talk about mindset I never for a second thought sorry I mean that one day I referred to in the hospital felt sorry for myself that day beyond that I was like this is a gift what can I do with this gap to you know push me forward because many many people might have gone through that same thing and they would not have made the same choices I did and that might have been the right decision for them to make but the point being is you can take great adversity and turn it around for yourself and and to recognize you have the power to do that you really do if you want it to happen your desire to happen it will happen absolutely absolutely it’s something that has become a common theme across this podcast is adverse to kind of be your biggest gift if you allow it to be and again he requires a hell of a lot of mind set back a lot of deception change but I always think some of the greatest moments in my life and I’m sure people listed now and even you can probably attest to this is some of the greatest successes have come from pain yes that is almost either change course always built resilience always really helped us to kind of persevere and develop ourselves so I always try to say the same thing I think you articulate that beautifully I think we should always try to find the meaning in whatever the pain is or the suffering and try and think okay how can we actively reckon this lucky said using your words again and move forward from it so yeah absolutely I love that and I think it’s also it’s really critical for people (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) here it is the glass half empty or is the glass half full I’m here to really think about what’s our perception how does our perception create our future does a great are are now (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and they’re in the reason why I feel the urge to share this is that I grew up with (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) parents who are good people that they were very very hard on my brother and I and they were had a very ugly divorce and so there was a I tweet going on about parenting and so I I kind of jumped in and what I didn’t realize when I share what I grew up in which is completely the opposite of what people would think and I said my parents showed my brother in online a lot of things not to do and I said so I didn’t grow up in this Brady bunch beaver cleaver existence but my guest was it really demonstrated for me when I didn’t want to recreate so my kids live very definitely my marriage is very different with my husband I when I grew up in and my husband grew up with the beaver cleaver Brady bunch kind of environment yeah you don’t understand how different it could be but the point being throughout your lifetime you have opportunities to take adversity and is the glass half full is the glass half day so it’s a choice you know those kinds of things are choices and how we choose to perceive the world absolutely absolutely I think that’s a great lesson and those gentleman I spoke to Dave and he mentioned something by you can learn something from every single person that you meet this doesn’t just necessarily have to be good right when he said that was the only guy for the it sounds so simple but you’ve let you just given a brief example they wear sometimes you could be in an environment where okay might not be going away for what you’re doing is you’re picking up lessons on how to maybe do a completely different so yeah I love that okay fantastic so Cynthia what we’re gonna have to do now is be kind of segue completely off on a tangent into what I like to call the phone part of the show I and (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) a lot to do here is get you for the best part of ninety seconds is kind of give you some quick fire questions and just let you more pro choice or whatever comes to your mind the first those there’s no right or wrong but it’s just a kind of the list is a little bit more about you because I am conscious that sometimes stories can be quite motivo quite doc no one know that obviously there’s a more fun expressive side as well okay fantastic so what we’re gonna let you start as soon as you’re ready yeah right okay excellent going three to one if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be child prostitution your favorite book right now my favorite book that I just finished for the second time was had strong what is your favorite food the card is what you seek really good at that nobody knows I am able to read people really well so I can figure out what they need your biggest role model (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) my grandmother what would you like to be remembered for it’s a good question compassion clarity inspiration the photos your biggest goal this year (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) well (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I would say I think I’ve achieved my biggest goal (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) and that was to be invited to do this master mind because that in my mind that was like telling me I’m I’m clearly like headed in the right direction it was like the validation of the universe like you’re ready for the US you’re ready for being pushed really hard probably that your favorite motivational speaker (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) Lisa Nichols I really like her she’s amazing I mean every time every single time and I can listen to her nonstop everything the time I was in a hurry just brightens my day I love I love her no nonsense style like I hope to eventually meet her Wednesday she’s absolutely (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) smiley center on Tom be you and she brought a tear to my eye which tone (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) story ever tested yeah amazing sorry Bernie could find I’m just rambling on your number one health to sleep more if you could relive one deck and what they would be I would probably say if I want to be sentimental you know the the birth of my children if I want to think about a day where it reaffirm my does my existence on this planet why I’m destined to be here was the day I did that Ted talk like it was about him at all my life the second one your number one piece of advice to your children under themselves in a way I live in a very fluent pressure cooker part of the United States and these kids get so much pressure put on them you know I I I said to my husband the other night that you know my my older son opted out of applying to (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) an academy of science program which we are disappointed about but I just study noted in the old me I really what pushed him hard and I just said you know one this isn’t what he wants to do it and choices have consequences and so we explain that to him (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) but I think being kind yourself of I’m an honor that in myself I need to insure my children honor what intrinsically they feel is right as well and finally the ability to fly will be visible (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I’d love to fly okay but it so we’re almost heading towards the end of the show and I said yes so just two more questions if I may the next one’s about reflection so I’m a firm believer that hindsight is a wonderful thing because I’m upon reflection we can always think of ways to get to where we are quicker easier over less heartache but I’m sure as you’ll probably agree the journey teaches us so much and am getting happens for a reason I’m a firm believer of that so knowing what you know now with or your wisdom in or your knowledge and having control the advance teasing the trials and tribulations in your life if you could maybe go back to younger sent the end just whisper something in there is what would you say a patient the patient I was so it even in my twenties I was so so delivered in the way that I live my life you know I’m I’m the typical type a you know goal getter type person I would is just enjoyed life more you know I think that I was so impatient to like move to the next goal that I wasn’t necessarily enjoying being in the moment so that’s something I’ve I’ve obviously learned as I’ve gotten older but I’d probably to be patient and just enjoy the experience absolutely and I think actually that’s probably something that we could lead even as grown ups is wrong because especially with social media and stuff you almost feel like we need it now we need it yes there it’s instantaneous and I and I think you know I’m I’m a little older than you so you know for me I didn’t grow up with all that social media exposure and and trying to navigate as a parent is is really interesting by you know setting limits for all those things because people can get sucked into this fall it’s own illusion you know that’s really what it comes down to it people recognize it for what it is then you can use the power of social media to your benefit but if you fall into that illusion then you you kind of get tricked into believing it’s more than what it is absolutely absolutely I’m I actually so firstly thank you for the compliment but I actually was such a reader is all because a growing up even at university stuff we never had to be on the phone just to bring your friends and say where are you it was the tree like the LCD kind of display yeah I was at you speaking to one of my best mates a week going we just saying how simple life was in just hype yes it was that we went for example we were getting drunk but we weren’t worried about it so he’s taken a fall over the rack correct (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) extended on the dance floor without a falls in the hands you just present any was let you like best five years of a life so yeah I think we definitely we got the best of both worlds absolutely yeah absolutely brilliant so okay thought decidedly than simply leave us to the last question and the last question I always ask people is about legacy so let’s say in a hundred fifty years time science vows to save us and all that exists is a book and this book is about you it’s about your life and all of the amazing things that you’ve accomplished in your life this the what with the title of the book B. and secondly what with the summary at the back tell the reader about you are why truth seeker but you know that the summer in the back with the you know she endeavor to educate inspire and empower a generation that sounds awfully lofty right but not Britain yeah it’s as a fly you had that already kinda division board off of fantastic well I I mean it’s funny I got approached to write a book and I was already assigned you know sign with this literary agent and so my husband I was like I don’t think I’m ready to write a book I mean it was like I was all excited I flew to New York I met with you know all these different people and not at all grade and I was like I’m probably meant to do one but it’s not right now so maybe it’s time absolutely let us now is a definite well fantastic and just before I wrap up the show and give the list as a chance to connect with yourself is there anything that you wish maybe I’d ask you today or maybe any so message you’d like to give to the listeners no I think you facilitated a really great interview I do a lot of days and and now I can say that with your honesty so now the job thank you so much thank you so what is the best place than that people can reach out to you yeah some on Twitter (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) it Cynthia Thurlow island on Instagram said the at their low I’m on Facebook with my old business name which is stage to wellness (SUBSCRIBE TO FIND YOUR VOICE) I have a free book are at free group they are called Cindy a circle and it’s where people can kind of pick my brain I bounce ideas off of people to kind of see what resonates and then obviously my website which is W. W. W. dot Cynthia Thurlow dot com and I have a podcast my own called every day wellness that I co host with a clinical psychologist friend of mine and we bring on a lot of wellness professionals and we got some heavy hitters that we’re gonna be interviewing this this coming month to talk about limiting believes it’s like we’re over caring for these interviews trying to make sure that it’s something I new fresh perspective for them to come on that’s fascinating desperate and so what I will do is to make life easier for everyone is but one of those links into the show not so you can let you just click whichever one you want I want to once again thank they sucked let me get away got simply put transparency and honesty I almost made it to the end of a show without making a mistake but a that’s part of life and as always for everyone else at home thanks for listening you’re welcome thanks for having me and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day An An Introverts Mindset An Introverts Mindset An Introverts Mindset An Introverts MindsetĀ  Introverts Mindset

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