An Introverts Mindset, Public Speaking & Neuroplasticity with Cynthia Thurlow #49

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“Truth Seeker” by Cynthia Thurlow #49

Tagline: “She endeavoured to educate, inspire & empower a generation”

Cynthia Thurlow, is a lady of many talents. Having surpassed 4,000,000 views for her TedX talk on Intermittent fasting, it is fair to say she has had an educational, impact already! But eager to ensure her legacy lives on she continues to try to educate people in her topics of interest.

She is a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, and a 2 time TEDx speaker. She also has a passion for helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition & solving health problems from the inside out. She is also a wife and mother to her boys, and has great knowledge, which we discuss on this episode, around neuroplasticity and mindset.

Some key topics moments in the episode:

[03:20] The importance of scary dreams

[11:15] Imposter syndrome

[18:55] Life changing health scare

[28:00] Fear of not being/doing enough

[38:50] Social media is an illusion

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